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Basic Excavation Kit

Basic Excavation Kit

The complete field digging kit for students and easy to transport!


The kit includes the following field essentials:


  • Gloves (Spandex and cotton lining)
  • 500' of line cord (Nylon)
  • line level
  • 5 m tape measure
  • Trowel de precision square stainless steel (15mm)
  • Palaustre 5" (Plastic handle)

  • Palaustre 6" (Plastic handle)

  • Margin trowel ((Plastic handle)

  • 1" Brush (Wooden Handle)

  • Brush 2" (Wooden handle)

  • Brush 3" (Wooden handle)

  • Brush 4" (Wooden handle)

    Estimated delivery for the end of June
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