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The perception of the hijab in Puerto Rico:

Modesty, gender and spirituality in the Puerto Rican Muslim community

Fall Semester 2015

(Content In Spanish)

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Misdiagnosis of BPD:

The stigmatization on mental illness and its effects on treatment on its patients in the metropolitan Puerto Rico

Spring Semester 2016

(Content In English)

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Afro-Caribbean Perspective and Identity:

Comparative Notes on Re-Africanization, Santeria, and Voodoo in Puerto Rico and Haiti

Spring Semester 2014

(Content In Spanish)

té elaboración de la cerveza

Philosophizing with Pennyroyal: A Feminist Look at the Mental Benefits of Pennyroyal Tea

Fall Semester 2014

(Content In Spanish)


Ethnography of a Clandestine World: Crimes under “Los Ñeta” Association during the 1980s in the Southern Region of Puerto Rico

May 10, 2019

(Content In Spanish)

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Master's Thesis
"The Effects of Quicklime on the Decomposition Process in a Tropical Climate"


(Content in English)

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